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Our Products > Foam Production Equipment > Semi Automatic Discontinuous Machine
A Semi automatic full featured discontinuous machine capable of hi- output (up to 80 block in one shift). Includes pre-blending tank, TDI tank and associated pumps.
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FinCorp Engineering produces a wide variety of Foam processing equipment. Among them is the Discontinuous Block Foaming Machine.
The DBF-120 Discontinuous Block Machine is based on experience from Spuhl AG of St.Gallen, Switzerland, the original    designers    and producers of this equipment, FinCorp Engineering have then refined the production process and machine to manufacture a block machine of outstanding quality and reliability which is simple to operate with great accuracy, suitable for all general market requirements.
Flexible and Rigid PU foam, HR and Memory foam with densities up to 60 Kg./cu.m.
Foam for the Furniture and Bedding and other related Industries
a full sized foam block determined by the mould shape and dimensions.
Low Price and low installation cost Economic utilization of chemicals with accurate pumps and simple controls. Capability of producing wide range of densities.
Compact and robust machine design with minimum factory space. Simple operation which requires minimal training.
Use of hi-quality European and US made components. For reliability and long life. Supplied complete for immediate startup.
The basic model DBF-120 has a 120 Liters (150 Kg.) capacity, with a weight system and computer control system. It is also equipped with a touch screen and hi accuracy dual weigh system. The moulds can be made to various sizes depending on customer requirement.
A water flush system is standard so is the vacuum filling system. In other words a complete package in one machine ready for production in as soon as it is delivered.
Foam is produced by the efficient mixing of the basic chemical ingredients these being Polyol, TDI, Amine, Silicone, Water, Tin and Methylene Chloride for low- density foam production at the correct ratio which are delivered    to    a    mixing chamber by highly accurate metering    systems.    The freshly mixed chemicals are then dispensed into a Rectangular Block Mould supplied with the machine as standard. The chemical
reaction then takes place in the mould where the mixed chemicals rapidly change from a liquid to a cream, which expands to fill the area of the mould emerging as
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