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Our Products > Mattress Fabrication Equipment > Tape Edge Machine
The Tape Edge Machine is an essential machine for mattress fabrication, It is used for sewing and closing mattresses.
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Fincorp Engineering produces a wide variety of Foam processing and Mattress equipment. Among them is the TE-140 Tape Edge Machine.
This machine is an essential part of any Mattress production plant. It is an essential machine for Spring and Foam mattresses.
The foam (or Spring) carcass is played on the table, the mattress cover is set on top of it, the Operator then brings the cover and the side (Edge) into the sewing head. By pressing on the Electrical foot pedals the operator then start the sewing operation. A folder is used to wrap the Tape around both sides and sew it together.
·     The TE-140 comes in standard Table Size of 140 cm x 200 cm, Mattresses of most sizes can be accommodated on this machine. The maximum mattress height is 35cm.
·     The table height is manually adjustable. An optional motorized version is available
·     The sewing head and the drive are equipped with variable speed drives.
·     Corner slow down is standard.
·     The Machine comes equipped with a lockstitch Mauser (Made by Pfaff) Industrial sewing machine. Original Pfaff Heads are also available. We can accommodate any other types of heads requested by the customer.
·     Drive and Sewing speeds are electronically synchronized for best performance.
·     Other table sizes are available by request.
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