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Our Products > Cutting and Forming > Automatic Vertical Cutting Machine AVCM
The AVCM is an automatic bertical cutter used in Bath and Kitchen Sponge Cutting. Sizes are computer controlled for hi-accuracy cutting.
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This machine is an essential part of any foam production and conversion plant especially sponge (both Kitchen and bath type).
Flexible PU foam, Polyethylene, Polypropylene and flexible PVC.
Cutting of foam for bath and kitchen sponges, small piece production.
Foam blocks are placed on a fixed table with motorized back plate. The cutting is done with a serrated blade (no need for sharpening) capable of cutting all kinds of material. Blade tension is adjustable via mechanical tensioning devise.
The blade carriage is driven with a variable speed motor. The control panel has a hi-accuracy industrial computer to give a +/- 0.5 mm cutting accuracy.
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