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Our Products > Special product > Calcium Carbonate Unit (Mixer) CCU-600,1500
Used for mixing Calcium Carbonate or melamine with Polyol for Hardness and Fire retarding specification
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FinCorp Engineering produces a wide variety of Foam processing equipment. Among them is the Calcium Carbonate Unite
This machine is an essential part of any foam production and conversion plant.
OPERATION: Calcium Carbonate is loaded into the tank via a powder feeder that meters in the powder uniformly. The polyol is pumped into the mixer; the Hi-speed special shear mixer will then turn the mix into a homogeneous mix which will yield excellent foam.
ADVANTAGES: Complete unit, well designed, efficient mixing, and compact.
AVAILABILITY: two models are available: 600 liters and 1500 liters.
The mixer must be used in conjunction with an agitated storage tank for storage and temperature adjustment.
The storage tank with internal mixer and re-circulating pump can also be supplied as a package from Fincorp.
Contact Fincorp for your tank farm needs.
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