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Our Products > Cutting and Forming > Carousel Cutting MACHINE CCM-600, 700
A Full featured Automatic circular cutting machine capable of cutting a wide variety of material with standard features. Comes in two sizes 600 and 700 cm Tables
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This machine is an essential part of any foam production and conversion plant. Due to the wide cutting requirement of foamers and converters, various models are therefore available to accommodate most cutting needs.
Foam blocks are placed on the rotating table. The table is automatically driven across blade carriage. The cutting is done with a smooth blade capable of cutting all kinds of material. The Cutting thickness is set automatically to bring the blade carriage up or down. The table is covered with Abrasive covered plywood to prevent the block from sliding.
A vacuum system is used to help hold the blocks while going thru the cutting blade.
The controls are via PLC with a friendly and simple screen interface.
The CCM cutting machine is a simple machine ideal for medium and large foamers and converters; it is made of hi quality and robust components.
·     The CCM comes in standard cutting height of 135 two Table sizes are offered:
·     CCM 600
·     CCM 700
Standard Equipment:
·      Vacuum Hold down system
·      Motorized Grinders.
·      Tilting blade guide
·      HMI touch screen

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