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Our Products > Foam Production Equipment > Foam Crushers
Machine used for crushing Closed Cell Foam, Hi-resiliency and Memory Foams
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FinCorp Engineering produces a wide variety of Foam processing and auxiliary equipment, among them is the foam crusher. An essential part of any foam production, the crusher is used to open the foam cells by compressing the foam down to 10% it’s volume. Foam crushing is essential in Hi-Resiliency and memory foam production. Another important use is to re-claim dead foam (closed cell foam) into open cell foam.  
The machine comes in two sizes 125 and 200 cm width, the FC-125 is used to crush mattresses and sheets while the FC-200is used for blocks. 
The FC-200 can crush densities up to 60 KG/CUM.  
The crushing process involves running the sheet or block thru the rollers back and forth until the desired open cell percentage is attained. Blocks are usually crushed right after curing to be further crushed prior to cutting.
Individual mattresses can also be crushed to the desired open cell percentage.
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